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Contact Info

Egypt, Menoufia, Shebin-ElKom, AlGalaa Al Bahari street, Hilton tower ,6th floor

(+20)1094132184 (+966)563466662


Rafal stores contain the highest level of accuracy in implementation and international flair in designs so that the site appears in an elegant and attractive manner that attracts the shopper to choose his products in a manner that guarantees professionalism and clarity.

Rafal store is distinguished by: -

  • Explanation of the use and privacy policy.
  • Add an unlimited number of offers and determine their duration.
  • Add an unlimited number of products.
  • Online payment.
  • Shipping and delivery.
  • Electronic invoices.
  • Merchant information and links.
  • Exchange and return policies.
  • Full statistics for building marketing plans.
  • Complete inventory of the go-to products.
  • Digital customer base for all users.
  • Send notifications.
  • Track order statuses.

With Rafal your trade is easier.