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Egypt, Menoufia, Shebin-ElKom, AlGalaa Al Bahari street, Hilton tower ,6th floor

(+20)1094132184 (+966)563466662


It is one of the electronic stores specialized in linking restaurants to virtual reality, through which the restaurant is accessible to everyone.

Its most important features: -

  • Add an unlimited number of food menus.
  • Add an unlimited number of discount codes.
  • Add an unlimited number of restaurant branches.
  • Online payment.
  • Track orders.
  • Add an unlimited number of drivers.
  • Get orders within the restaurant manager page.
  • Get full site statistics.
  • The presence of a customer base for all users.
  • Privacy and usage policies.
  • Electronic invoices.
  • A channel for complaints and suggestions.
  • Send notifications.
  • Restaurant information and addresses.
  • Two languages Arabic and English.
  • Website version, Android and IOS.