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Egypt, Menoufia, Shebin-ElKom, AlGalaa Al Bahari street, Hilton tower ,6th floor

(+20)1094132184 (+966)563466662


One of the digital solutions provided by the Rafal Group of Companies, which serves business leaders in the medical staff of doctors and owners of medical facilities (hospitals - clinics - analysis laboratories - radiology centers).

Tabybak aims to raise the efficiency of the service provided, digital medical transformation, increase the rapprochement between the doctor and the patient, and transform the medical service into an easy and distinct service through which the doctor can be an entrepreneur with ease and also transform the patient into a digital patient through which he can transform the patient into a digital file that can be evaluated more It is also possible to view the patient history and everything related to the patient. It also helps to evaluate doctors so that through the statistics, one can know the doctors most requested, the number of checks carried out, as well as the amount of materials used, review of medical prescriptions, and everything related to the doctor's work. The patient can also book appointments himself, obtain a prescription electronically, as well as diagnose a doctor.

Tabybak - the digital doctor