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Egypt, Menoufia, Shebin-ElKom, AlGalaa Al Bahari street, Hilton tower ,6th floor

(+20)1094132184 (+966)563466662


One of the digital solutions provided by Rafal Group of companies, which serves entrepreneurs or human resource managers looking for functional competencies and scientific cadres.

Wazefah is one of the solutions that contains a different idea to link the business owner with the employee who is looking for a digital intermediary that connects the employer with the employee Once the employee logs in and registers an account on the site, he creates his own identity that contains his personal, practical and technical information, and then the employer can create a search filter and put in it all the required features and the platform provides the closest employees to the employer's request and the employer can evaluate the employee's file using and viewing private interviews In the employee, in which he talks about himself, then he requests contact information and the recruitment process begins.

Wazefah - your employee is closer to you.